Insulated double leaf hinged door

Leaf: thicknesses of 80 / 100 / 140 mm.
• Finishes: white painted, PVC, stainless steel, polyester or Formica with anodised aluminium surrounding
• PUR or PIR insulation with a density of 40-45 kg/m³
• Rubber gasket around the perimeter made of sturdy PVC to ensure the doors close hermetically

Industrial frame prepared to be assembled on panel or brickwork. Made of silver polished anodised aluminium, 15 micron, with PVC profile to interrupt the thermal bridge.
Doors for freezing areas (–20ºC/–40ºC) have a heater cable around the perimeter and inside the threshold plate.

Hardware made of high quality polyamide. One pointed or three pointed fastener with or without block and internal unlocking.

Accessories: colors of our standard color card or RAL card, vision panels for positive and negative temperature doors, bumpers, frames prepared for meat rail, door closers, panic bars, cremone bolts, etc.

Technical documentation


  • Width + 60 mm
  • Height + 30 mm

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