Clean room door (flush)

Leaf: thickness of 60 mm. Single or double leaf door.

  • Suitable for clean rooms and laboratories built with modular panel with 60 mm thickness.
  • Finishes: white painted, PVC, stainless steel or Formica with anodized aluminium or white painted aluminium surrounding.
  • PUR or PIR insulation with a density of 40-45 kg/m³
  • Half-automatic bottom gasket

Frame made of silver polished anodised aluminium or white painted aluminium prepared to be built with modular panels in 60 mm thickness, flush to both sides.

Hardware in stainless steel with hinges made of PVC.

Accessories: colors according to color card, flush vision panel, 4-sided frame, door closer, panic bar, interlocking system, flush vision panels, electrical opening, master key etc.

Technical documentation

Assembly sequence

Modular assembly using aluminum tube of 30 x 30 mm.

(see upper drawing with the assembly sequence).

Documentation available for registered users.

Documentation available for registered users. Access with tour password or request yout access here


Fixed windows

Double glazing with a total thickness of 60 mm to install into 60 mm panels.

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